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Measuring Success works with nonprofit management teams and boards to enable them to measure and improve their effectiveness. We leverage data tools, quantitative analytics, and consulting/training to help nonprofit organizations move from anecdotal to data-driven decision making. As the recent New York Times Sunday Review article declared, we are living in the Age of Big Data, where data is transforming organizations in every sector across the globe. Organizations are harnessing new data technologies and quantitative analysis to make sense of the numbers and apply quantitative analysis to their strategic planning and targeted marketing efforts (NYT Magazine, 2/16/2012). Shouldn’t your organization be next?

Measuring Success has been an innovator of this data-driven approach in the not-for-profit sphere for nearly a decade. Founded in 2003, Measuring Success grew out of our founder’s experience at McKinsey & Company, Kellogg Business School, Harvard’s Kennedy School, and as Director of Strategy for an international non-profit organization. Since then, we have helped over 700 nonprofits in the United States, Canada, and abroad to instill data-driven decision making into their culture and practice.

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"It was hard to hear the results because we were underperforming relative to our expectations, but it served as a critical wake up call for us. Being average just isn’t good enough. I’ve learned that so much is perception. As president of the school, I’m not even aware of some of the changes professionals have put in place in the school in the past year. Now I realize that we need to do a much better job of shaping perceptions of those changes for the wider parent community, otherwise those investments won’t translate to enrollment growth."

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Tips for High Survey Response Rates

If your organization provides programs or services to individuals, groups or even other nonprofits, you have probably put some serious thought into surveying your constituents. At Measuring Success, we have run hundreds of surveys with diverse organizations across North America. We know what it takes to get high survey response rates, and now we want to share that knowledge with you!

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